3 Scientifically Proven NoFap Super Powers

No bullshit, No anecdotal, just pure science.


7/2/20237 min read

person holding Super Mushroom
person holding Super Mushroom

You may have come across various claims about the superpowers of NoFap, but let's be honest, most of them are just exaggerations.

Lower pitch voice, whiter nails, stronger muscles, becoming super attractive, and even softer hair. For a moment, I thought they were talking about taking the super soldier serum.

It's easy to get caught up in the hype and think that abstaining from pornography will magically transform you into a superhero like Steve Rogers.

While abstaining from porn can have positive effects, it's important to approach these claims with a dose of reality. Quitting pornography won't instantly grant you extraordinary abilities just because you're not ejaculating.

I appreciate the underlying message that NoFap aims to promote, but it's crucial to separate fact from fiction when discussing the benefits of quitting pornography.

Otherwise, individuals may set unrealistic expectations and end up feeling disappointed when they don't experience the promised benefits of NoFap.

In this article, I will focus on sharing the scientifically proven benefits of abstaining from pornography. By delving into the science behind NoFap, we can gain a clearer understanding of the real, tangible advantages it can offer.

Benefit 1: Increased Confidence

difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations desk decor
difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations desk decor

Quitting pornography can have a significant impact on your confidence levels.

When individuals engage in pornography, they often experience feelings of depression and shame. While societal factors may play a role in these emotions, there's a deeper underlying reason.

Consider this: Do you feel a sense of pride or accomplishment when watching pornography? Have you ever encountered someone proudly boasting about the hours they spend indulging in explicit content or fulfilling their sexual desires?

It's more common for people to take pride in achievements related to their careers, hobbies, or personal accomplishments rather than their porn consumption habits.

Deep down, many of us recognize that excessive pornography consumption is problematic. It's a habit that often lurks in the hidden corners of our lives, a secret we keep from others.

By choosing to abstain from pornography, you can set a goal for yourself that is both challenging and attainable. This act of self-discipline and commitment contributes to a sense of personal growth and accomplishment.

Quitting pornography allows you to redirect your energy and focus towards goals that truly matter to you. As you engage in activities that align with your values and aspirations, your confidence naturally begins to grow.

Breaking free from the grips of pornography signifies a conscious choice to prioritize your well-being and pursue healthier avenues of self-expression. This newfound confidence permeates other areas of your life, enhancing your relationships, work performance, and overall sense of self-worth.

By acknowledging the negative impact of excessive pornography consumption and taking steps towards change, you can embark on a journey towards increased confidence, self-respect, and a more fulfilling life.

I hate the mantra that I had learnt when I was in MLM which is “Fake it until you make it”. I was told to act like a successful business owner when I meet my prospect and act like you are introducing this business opportunity for them. Of course it didn’t work in the end.

But true confidence cannot be faked or tricked into existence.

It stems from genuine accomplishments and reaching goals that you're proud of. Like Alex Hormozi quoted “You don't become confident by shouting affirmations in the mirror but by having a stack of undeniable proof that you are who you say you are”

By accomplishing goals that you set out for yourself day after day, you build momentum. And by conquering the challenge of quitting pornography, you start building self-esteem and a sense of genuine accomplishment.

This newfound confidence can positively impact other areas of your life, including relationships, work performance, and overall well-being.

By removing pornography from your life, you regain control over your actions and desires.

This sense of self-mastery and discipline contributes to a stronger, more authentic confidence that radiates from within.

Benefit 2: Increased Energy

black and silver flash drive
black and silver flash drive

Did you know that watching pornography can have a significant impact on your energy levels?

Let's explore the fascinating connection between pornography, dopamine, and energy.

Dopamine Overload: When we engage in pornography, our brains release dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with motivation, pleasure and reward. However, over time, repeated exposure to pornography can lead to desensitization and a decrease in dopamine sensitivity. This means that you may require more intense or novel content to achieve the same level of satisfaction, which can drain your energy and motivation.

Increased Tolerance: This drop in dopamine sensitivity makes it harder to find motivation in activities that don't provide high levels of instant gratification. As a result, activities like video gaming, social media scrolling, or watching YouTube videos, which offer quick bursts of dopamine, become more enticing than working on long-term projects. This is especially true for those struggling with porn addiction.

Mental Exhaustion: Consuming pornography can be mentally exhausting. Spending excessive time and energy searching for, watching, and fantasizing about explicit content can leave you feeling mentally drained and fatigued.

Distraction and Time Consumption: Pornography can be a major distraction that diverts your focus and attention from important tasks and responsibilities. It can consume a significant amount of time and energy, leaving you with less motivation and energy for other activities.

Edging: Engaging in edging, a practice often associated with porn consumption, can prolong sexual arousal and dopamine release. However, this prolonged anticipation can lead to intense cravings for orgasm, draining your energy and mental focus.

Emotional Impact: Pornography can evoke various emotions, including guilt, shame, and negative self-perception. These emotions can be energy-draining and impact your overall well-being.

Disruption of Sleep Patterns: Engaging in pornography late at night can disrupt your sleep patterns and quality of sleep. Lack of proper sleep can lead to decreased energy levels and affect your overall productivity and well-being.

In addition, orgasm releases several chemicals including oxytocin and prolactin, which induces relaxation and reduces motivation. There is also a temporary decrease in testosterone and testosterone is the molecule that allows you to enjoy hard work.

By removing porn from your life, you give your brain an opportunity to reset and rewire itself through neuroplasticity. This process allows your dopamine receptors to become more sensitive again.

Everyday experiences and accomplishments can once again provide you with motivation and fulfillment.

Without the constant need for artificial stimuli, you'll find enjoyment and reward in the little things in life. You'll naturally gravitate towards activities that align with your values, passions, and long-term goals.

By eliminating the energy-draining effects of pornography and reducing cravings, you'll experience an overall increase in energy, drive, and focus.

Benefit 3: Recovered Time

selective focus photo of brown and blue hourglass on stones
selective focus photo of brown and blue hourglass on stones

Let's now discuss the incredible gift of time that comes from quitting pornography and its impact on personal growth and success.

For many pornography addicts, the hours spent consuming pornographic material can range from one to two hours per day,

And sometimes even more. As many porn addicts are also fervent video gamers spending up to 6-8 hours a day doing excessive gaming. I was once one of them.

Imagine if you could reclaim that time and redirect it towards something meaningful.

Just an extra one to two hours each day can be a game-changer. With this time, you could hit the gym, focus on your fitness goals, learn a new skill, or pursue a passion project. The possibilities are endless.

One hour a day invested in the right activities can lead to incredible results.

Whether it's sculpting your dream physique, honing your artistic talents, becoming a proficient musician, or acquiring knowledge in a specific field, consistent effort over time yields remarkable outcomes.

As Josh Kaufman shared, from knowing nothing to being relatively good in something, will only require 20 hours of dedicated work.

Imagine how much skills you can acquire if you get the time and are willing to put in the hours to learn them.

By utilizing the additional time gained from abstaining from pornography, you create an opportunity to invest in your personal growth, enhance your skills, and make progress towards your aspirations.

The key is consistency and using that extra time wisely. By investing in yourself and your passions, you'll develop new skills, experience personal growth, and find fulfillment that pornography could never provide.

Additionally, breaking free from the vicious cycle of pornography opens up opportunities for meaningful connections and experiences.

You'll have more time and mental space to cultivate authentic relationships, pursue hobbies, and engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Considering that the number one indicator of one's happiness is the number of close relationships that one has, building more connections will make you happier and thus more energetic in handling day to day life.


While some exaggerated claims may surround the effects of NoFap, it is important to recognize the scientifically proven benefits of abstaining from pornography.

Quitting pornography can lead to increased confidence, as it allows individuals to prioritize their well-being and achieve genuine accomplishments.

Additionally, it can boost energy levels by resetting the brain's dopamine receptors, resulting in higher motivation, focus, and fulfillment from everyday experiences.

Furthermore, quitting pornography provides individuals with more time to invest in personal growth, pursue passions, and cultivate meaningful connections.

By approaching the topic with realism and understanding the tangible advantages, individuals can make informed decisions that can positively impact their lives.

May you find your muse on your NoFap journey.

With love.