A Conversation With In Laws

Reflections and Changes


6/10/20232 min read

a man wearing glasses looking out a window
a man wearing glasses looking out a window

I had an extraordinary conversation with my in-laws yesterday, and it was a transformative experience. Through discussions with my wife, I gained new insights and perspectives that have had a profound impact on me. I feel compelled to share these realizations.

During our conversation, I discovered that we are all more alike than I ever imagined. Despite our outward differences and contrasting life outlooks, I realized that at our core, we are all individuals striving to navigate the complexities of life and do our best.

We all face problems that we try to cope with or avoid, grappling with uncertainties and challenges that we don't always know how to address. It became evident that we each have our own coping mechanisms, some of which may be unhealthy.

We are all really brothers and sisters on this realm of human consciousness. We are more similar than we are different.

Also rather than seeing pornography or video gaming as the problems themselves, I came to recognize that they were simply coping mechanisms I had been using to escape from confronting my personal issues.

By immersing myself in the virtual world, I had been avoiding the responsibility of handling and addressing the problems in my own life. However, I have now reached a point where I no longer need these distractions.

I am ready to face my insecurities and my fear of failure head-on, embracing the concept of failing forward. I aim to appreciate the lessons embedded within the small pains of failure, as they are essential for personal growth and the path to success.

For years, I had been avoiding open conversations with my wife out of fear. I was afraid of seeing disappointment in her eyes and uncertain about what kind of requests or demands she might make. I was consumed by my own misery and self-doubt.

It was a revelation to learn that there were moments when she contemplated divorce, although her unwavering commitment prevented her from giving up entirely.

To prevent reverting to my default coping mechanisms, I recognize the importance of continually facing my fears and embracing personal growth.

By remaining proactive and uncomfortable, I can prevent myself from slipping back into the comfort of old habits. Maintaining open and honest communication with my wife is crucial in this process.

Sharing my own struggles and demons has been instrumental in peeling back the layers of my inner self, allowing me to understand the root causes behind my actions and behaviors.

This self-reflection has been particularly fruitful during my runs, as the physical movement seems to stimulate my mind and foster deep introspection.

I have noticed that I generate insightful ideas and gain heightened awareness when I engage in introspective conversations with myself during these moments of exercise. Movement, it seems, has a way of enhancing our cognitive processes.

In summary, the conversation with my in-laws and subsequent discussions with my wife have brought about significant changes in my perspective. I am now committed to facing my personal challenges head-on, relinquishing unhealthy coping mechanisms, and fostering open communication.

Through self-reflection, particularly during physical activities like running, I continue to uncover new insights about myself and strive for personal growth.