Perks Of Having Dad As Main Caregiver

Shattering Stereotypes, One Diaper Change at a Time


5/13/20235 min read

a man holding a baby in his arms
a man holding a baby in his arms

Once upon a time, we believed that childcare was exclusively a mother's realm.

But hold onto your baby bottles, folks, because it's time to challenge those antiquated notions!

Today, I invite you on a whimsical journey to explore the unexpected perks of having a man as the primary caregiver.

Physical Strength: No Mommy Wrist

man carrying to girls on field of red petaled flower
man carrying to girls on field of red petaled flower

Carrying babies can be a demanding task, especially when it feels like a 24/7 responsibility.

Fortunately, guys have the advantage of physical strength, sparing them from conditions like Mommy Wrist or Mommy Thumb which plague many mommies.

So, while the toll on men is relatively easier to handle, we can flex those muscles and carry that military duffel bag of milk powder ammunition, ready-to-shoot milk bottles, backup military diapers, and even a supply of perfectly packed 100-degree Celsius hot water and cool water.

Who needs a gym membership?

A Newfound Appreciation for Motherhood

This is more of a benefit to men.

By spending more time with their children, fathers gain an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by mothers.

This newfound appreciation for motherhood leads to a deep respect for the incredible strength and endurance exhibited by mothers every day.

As a self-proclaimed expert on this matter, I now appreciate my own mother and wife even more for acing those difficult first six months of carrying and nursing our little ones.

Closing the Gender Gap in Caregiving

Let's face it, society often places the burden of caregiving solely on women, leading to stress, burnout, and financial hardships.

But when men step up and take on more caregiving responsibilities, they become heroes in the fight for gender equality.

By sharing the load, men help level the playing field for women, allowing them to focus on their careers without feeling pressured to excel at child-rearing.

My wife doesn't feel the societal pressure to excel in childcare; she can focus on her career and take on the educating role for our children.

Plus, she's a great listener—just not so good at taking care of people, including herself. ^o^

Shattering Gender Stereotypes, One Daddy at a Time

Being a stay-at-home dad not only challenges traditional gender roles but also shatters stereotypes.

By actively participating in childcare, fathers become positive role models for their children, teaching them that caregiving is a shared responsibility.

Little Lele and Rui know that not all dads go to work; some can stay at home and take care of them.

Who says girls can't kick a football and boys can't play dress-up with princesses? We embrace it all, and my girls are versatile and athletic.

Delaying Puberty, One Dad Joke at a Time

Intriguingly, research suggests that a close relationship with a father can delay early puberty in daughters.

One study found that girls with positive relationships with their fathers were less likely to experience puberty before the tender age of 8.

Now, don't go thinking that Dad's silly jokes and tickle fights alone are responsible for this. Genetics, diet, and environment also play a role.

Keep in mind, this is just one study, and more research is needed to confirm these findings.

But regardless, fathers, let’s keep up the quality bonding time, and keep our daughters forever young (well, at least for a little while longer)!

A Manly Influence for a Healthier Lifestyle

Children benefit greatly from having a strong male role model in their lives.

Fathers have the opportunity to teach their children about masculinity, responsibility, and respect. But it doesn't stop there! They also provide their children with a sense of security and stability.

In my household, my girls have embraced a wide range of interests and activities, unbound by gender stereotypes.

We go outdoors every single day. From trekking, running like a monkey in the playgrounds; from kicking a football to playing with Barbies, constructing Lego masterpieces to dressing up as princesses, their options are limitless.

And I, as their father, am right there with them, running, catching, and climbing—keeping up with their boundless energy and athleticism. They can be as graceful as a swan or pounce like a black panther. It’s up to them.

boy holding on swing bench
boy holding on swing bench

Keeping Substances at Bay

Believe it or not, children of involved fathers are less likely to abuse substances. A study conducted by the University of Minnesota and published in the journal "Fathering" revealed this fascinating finding.

The study examined data from over 1,000 fathers and their children and discovered that fathers who were actively engaged in their children's lives were less likely to engage in risky behaviors such as substance abuse and crime.

Researchers suggest that involved fathers possess a strong sense of responsibility and commitment, along with a positive outlook on life. These factors act as a protective shield against engaging in risky behaviors.

So, fathers, remember that your love and involvement can have a lasting impact on your children's choices and help keep them on the right path.

Embracing Body Positivity and Healthy Body Image

We live in a world where appearance often takes center stage, particularly for girls. However, a father's positive involvement in his daughter's life can contribute to a healthy body image.

By emphasizing qualities beyond physical appearance and promoting a healthy view of beauty, fathers become champions of body positivity and self-acceptance.

And let's face it, folks, a dad's love and support are worth more than any fashion magazine's opinion!

My girls love to dress up for fun but they don’t care about their outward appearances at all while they are outside. They don’t mind getting mud in their hands or getting squeaky saving a snail from the trail of bicycles.

They care more about fun than how to put makeup on. Yes my eldest is only 7 and you would be surprised how many 7 years old are adept at putting makeup on already…

I am not saying they should be fat or makeup is bad. All I want for them is to be comfortable with their own skin and stay healthy.


Having a man as the main caregiver comes with a multitude of advantages that go beyond stereotypes and expectations.

From physical strength to emotional support, involvement in caregiving offers benefits for fathers, mothers, and children alike. By challenging traditional gender roles, we pave the way for a more equal and balanced society.

Regardless if you are a stay at home mum or stay at home dad, you should be celebrated.

Enjoy the marvellous time with your children.

Stay calm and be kind to yourself.

With love.


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