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7/1/202347 min read

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a yellow sign on a white tiled surface

While browsing through the Nofap forums, I became intrigued by the numerous claims about the benefits of NoFap. There was a dedicated thread on the forums that listed 100 Nofap benefits, which eventually grew to almost 200.

As I read through these benefits, many of them resonated with my own personal journey, while others left me scratching my head in confusion (0_0).

This sparked an idea to write an article exploring these benefits, sharing whether they actually occurred in my experience and providing my thoughts on them. To avoid duplicate content, I removed repetitive benefits from the list and added a few that I personally experienced but weren't mentioned.

In order to maintain originality and avoid any negative impact on search engine rankings, I also took the liberty to paraphrase some of the benefits.

My intention is to share my insights and experiences with quitting porn, in the hopes that it can assist you on your own path of overcoming addiction or letting go of unhealthy coping mechanisms that no longer serve you.

I hope you find value in my mega article (12,000 words) and enjoy the journey of personal growth and transformation.

So let’s delve in!

Benefits To Family

people standing on shore during golden hour
people standing on shore during golden hour

1. Family members that you disliked and disliked you admire you and open up to you because you let them see your vulnerabilities.

It's not limited to those specific individuals; even those with whom I had minimal connections have experienced a deeper bond through the act of vulnerability. Sharing our struggles and innermost thoughts creates profound connections that surpass any superficial communication tactics.

However, it's important to acknowledge that this approach may not always yield the desired outcome, as some individuals may have too many burdens to bear or a problem-solving mindset that prevents them from fully engaging with you even when you open up your vulnerabilities.

2. If your wife sees your progress (including increased connection), she isn't a crabby wife all the time

I feel incredibly fortunate to have an extraordinary wife who has always exudes warmth and kindness. She is genuinely the most lovely person I have ever encountered.

What makes our bond even more special is her appreciation for the positive changes I am undergoing. As I embark on this journey of personal growth, I am not only transforming for my own well-being but also for the betterment of our children and our family as a whole.

My wife recognizes the effort and dedication I am putting into making positive changes in my life, and she truly values and supports my transformation. Her unwavering support and understanding have been instrumental in my progress, and I am deeply grateful for her presence in my life.

Together, we are creating an environment where we can thrive as individuals and as a family unit. Our shared commitment to growth and happiness reinforces the strength of our relationship and brings us closer each day.I cherish the support and love my wife offers as we navigate this journey together, and I am inspired to continue evolving into the best version of myself for the benefit of our relationship and our children's future.

3. Increasing your chances of getting married and starting a family

While abstaining from porn through nofap doesn't automatically make you more desirable, it does open up opportunities for you to invest more time in connecting with people. With the extra time you gain, you have a chance to engage in meaningful interactions and create more opportunities to meet new individuals, including girls.

By abstaining from porn, you can break free from objectifying women and start seeing them as genuine human beings rather than mere pixels to be objectified. This shift in perspective allows you to develop a sincere interest in getting to know them on a deeper level, fostering true connections. Instead of living a life consumed by screen time, you learn how to communicate effectively and authentically.

While not every connection may evolve into a romantic relationship, that's a part of life. As you continue to build connections, you grow as an individual, and in due time, you may find someone who appreciates and loves you for who you truly are.

4. You become a better role model

This is particularly true if you have children.

My daughters no longer catch me engaging in looking at or playing games with scantily dressed women/characters, and they no longer question why I spend excessive time playing games instead of being present with them.

They no longer witness me being easily irritable or isolating myself from family time. Instead, they now see me as someone who embodies discipline and hard work. As a result of quitting my addictive habits, my daughters have grown to appreciate the increased amount of quality time I spend with them.

They recognize the positive changes in my behavior and view me as a reliable and devoted parent.

This transformation has allowed me to become a better role model for them, teaching them the importance of self-discipline, perseverance, and prioritizing meaningful connections with loved ones.

By making the choice to quit questionable habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle, we have the opportunity to positively influence the lives of our children and set a strong example for them to follow.

5. Your mom is proud of you

I wonder how the person who wrote this benefit brought up his fapping issue with his mum.

Did he say “Mum, I was a porn addict before. But now I am clean! Ain’t I great?!” And did his mum go “Good job boy! I am so proud of you. You are my hero!” And then proceed to hug together, crying happy tears....

Quite unconceivable, at least for the men of my era.

Anyway, personal choice whether or not to share this with your mum. My mother will definitely think TMI and say “I didn’t raise you to have a problem with porn”. So I didn't share with her at all.

Love you mum!

Benefits To Love Life

heart shaped pink sparklers photography
heart shaped pink sparklers photography

6. Hold longer, more meaningful conversations with women

Since embarking on my journey of quitting porn, I have noticed a significant change in how I interact with women, including my cousin, sister-in-laws, and wife. While I don't have many opportunities to meet new women or strangers, I have experienced a positive shift in my ability to engage in longer conversations with the women in my life.

One profound realization I've had is that my past consumption of porn had subtly influenced my perception of women, placing them in a subordinate position to men. Deep down, despite my belief in treating women as equals, my behavior and beliefs contradicted this notion.

For instance, I would unconsciously gravitate towards media that featured male protagonists, overlooking stories centered around strong female characters. I had unintentionally bought into the stereotype of women as damsels in need of saving or mere sidekicks.

However, as I distance myself from the influence of porn, my perspective is gradually shifting.

I am beginning to recognize the inherent capabilities and strengths of women, and I am becoming more open to embracing their equality.

It has been eye-opening to discover that many women are not just equal but often surpass men in their abilities and accomplishments. This newfound understanding has challenged and broadened my worldview.

While my personal growth in this area may be a slow process, I am now more conscious of treating women as equals and appreciate their unique qualities. This shift in perception has allowed me to engage in deeper and more meaningful conversations with the women in my life, fostering greater connection and understanding.

I am continuously learning to break free from preconceived notions and biases, and I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my perspective and develop more authentic relationships with women.

7. The woman you will meet will get the version of you that she deserves

This sentiment holds even more significance when it comes to our life partners, particularly in the context of marriage. Our wives, as well as our children, deserve nothing less than our utmost efforts to become the best versions of ourselves.

By striving to continually improve and evolve, we not only honor their presence in our lives but also create a foundation for stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

8. You become more magnetic and appealing to others (especially women)

I noticed that I have become more attractive to my wife after quitting porn, but I haven't experienced an increased attraction to others.

Anyway, I will be in trouble if I suddenly become a chick magnet. So maybe it is for the best that it doesn’t work for me.

While I don’t like to burst the bubbles, just quitting porn won’t make you suddenly become attractive.

It is the personal growth and self-improvement efforts that we invest in ourselves that contribute to our overall appeal. It's important to remember that there are individuals who engage in pornography and still possess attractive qualities because they have cultivated other positive traits. The key lies in the amount of work and effort we dedicate to developing ourselves as individuals.

Usually individuals who have spent a significant amount of time immersed in virtual reality often lack attractive qualities, as their focus may have been diverted from personal growth.

people walking on grey concrete floor during daytime
people walking on grey concrete floor during daytime

Benefits To Relationships

9. More willing to help people

After putting an end to losing myself in the virtual world of games and adult materials, I've noticed a significant shift in my humanity. As I embark on sharing my personal journey through this website, my aim is to offer support and assistance to others who may be facing similar challenges.

Moreover, I've become more open to lending a listening ear, showing a greater willingness to understand and empathize with others.

10. Become more gentle with yourself and others

Recognizing the commonality of the human experience and acknowledging that each of us faces our own unique set of challenges has been a profound realization for me. It has opened my eyes to the shared struggles we all encounter and has cultivated a deep sense of empathy within me.

Understanding that every individual, including myself, is navigating their own path and doing their best to cope with life's obstacles has allowed me to approach others with compassion and understanding.

I no longer view people solely through the lens of their difficulties or shortcomings but rather as fellow human beings who deserve empathy and support.

11. Better overall character

I have experienced significant personal growth since I embarked on my journey of quitting porn.

As a result, I have noticed positive changes in various aspects of my life. Overall, I have become calmer, more focused, and more accountable for my actions. I have also become more active, empathetic, and better at listening to others.

The process of letting go of my porn addiction has allowed me to cultivate a sense of inner peace and tranquility. I find myself better equipped to handle challenging situations with a greater level of composure and emotional stability. This newfound calmness has not only benefited my own well-being but has also positively influenced my interactions with others.

Moreover, I have experienced a significant improvement in my ability to stay focused on tasks and goals. By freeing my mind from the constant distractions of pornography, I have been able to channel my energy and attention towards more productive endeavors. This enhanced focus has contributed to increased productivity and a greater sense of accomplishment in both my personal and professional life.

Another notable change I have observed is an increased sense of empathy and understanding towards others. Through my journey of overcoming porn addiction, I have become more aware of the struggles and challenges that people face in their lives. This heightened empathy has allowed me to connect with others on a deeper level and offer support and understanding when needed.

I have also developed better listening skills, which have greatly enhanced my ability to engage in meaningful conversations and build stronger relationships. By actively listening and paying attention to others, I am able to understand their perspectives and respond more effectively. This has improved my communication skills and enriched my connections with friends, family, and colleagues.

Lastly, I have become more reflective and introspective as a result of my journey. I now take the time to examine my thoughts, actions, and beliefs, seeking continuous self-improvement. This self-reflection has enabled me to learn from my past experiences and make better choices in the present, leading to personal growth and positive change.

12. Improved relationships with people around you

During my journey of abstaining from adult materials, I've actively taken steps to reach out to and reconcile with significant individuals in my life.

Over the past few weeks, I've made genuine efforts to mend relationships that hold importance to me. It has been a rewarding experience to reconnect with these people and strengthen our bonds along the way.

13. No more social anxiety

I find myself experiencing a greater sense of relaxation in social settings now. My social anxiety has significantly diminished. I believe this change is not solely attributed to whether or not I engage in fapping, but rather a result of boosting my self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

NoFap has played a significant role in this process by instilling a sense of doing something beneficial for myself and actively conquering challenges.

It is not the only approach, but it has proven to be highly effective for me.

Regularly confronting my inner demons has become a powerful training ground for overcoming negative self-perceptions, and it has accelerated the growth of my confidence. Moreover, engaging in other positive habits such as meditation and exercise has also contributed to developing self-awareness and bolstering my overall confidence levels.

14. Conquering an addiction fosters a greater sense of compassion and empathy towards others, particularly those facing their own battles with addiction

Through my journey of quitting porn, I have gained a profound understanding of the experiences faced by individuals struggling with addiction. This newfound understanding has allowed me to view addiction through a lens of compassion and empathy.

I have come to recognize that addiction, in its various forms, often originates from a sincere desire to escape or alleviate pain. It is a coping mechanism, albeit a destructive one, that individuals employ to navigate their emotional or physical suffering.

Understanding this has shifted my perspective, helping me appreciate that we all have our unique ways of coping with life's challenges, even if some methods are more harmful than others. I now firmly believe that no one consciously chooses to become an addict.

Addiction is a complex interplay of circumstances, genetics, environmental factors, and personal vulnerabilities that can lead individuals down a challenging path. Recognizing this has allowed me to let go of judgment and replace it with empathy and understanding.

Moreover, I have come to realize that overcoming addiction is not solely a matter of willpower or strength of character.

Addiction is not a reflection of one's moral fiber or personal shortcomings. It is a multifaceted struggle that encompasses deep psychological, mental, and physical factors, which can pose significant barriers to change, even in the face of genuine willingness.

This understanding has fostered a greater appreciation for the complexity of addiction and the immense challenges faced by those seeking recovery. It has shifted my focus from blame and stigmatization to support and encouragement.

I strive to be a source of understanding, offering compassion and assistance to individuals on their journey toward healing and overcoming addiction.

15. Using your knowledge to help others

One of the most valuable benefits of quitting porn is the ability to share your experience with others who are on the same journey.

By sharing your story, you can provide support, guidance, and encouragement to those who are trying to overcome similar challenges.

This act of sharing not only helps others but also reinforces your own commitment to personal growth and serves as a reminder of how far you've come. It creates a sense of community and connection, fostering a supportive environment for everyone involved.

16. You become more responsible, accountable, and reliable

It's a continuous process of personal growth and self-improvement. When you take ownership of your actions and hold yourself accountable, it becomes evident in your everyday behavior.

You become more proactive and reliable, which fosters trust and confidence in those around you.

As a result, people are more inclined to entrust you with additional responsibilities when you express your readiness for them.

It's a positive cycle of personal development that reinforces your sense of responsibility and opens doors to new opportunities for growth and success.

17. You can meet the best people on NoFap

Even though I am not actively involved in the NoFap community, I have explored it out of curiosity.

While it does offer positive vibes and can be a source of inspiration for some, I personally find strength from within rather than relying on external forums for motivation.

I believe it's important to be cautious about adopting a strict identity tied to any particular group or movement.

Associating ourselves with "-isms," "-rians," or "-ers" can sometimes limit our perspective and hinder our openness to other possibilities.

In the past, I have been part of various groups such as MLMers, vegetarians, and, of course, no-fappers.

However, I have learned that such identities can sometimes create a sense of perceived superiority and inadvertently isolate us from others.

While these communities can provide valuable tips and superficial support, it's important to be aware that not all individuals within them may have the best intentions or contribute positively. It's crucial to prioritize our own well-being and surround ourselves with supportive and uplifting influences.

18. You seek to improve your life and relationships

Definitely. When I was immersed in the virtual world, I found myself isolating myself from others.

I would make excuses for not having people over or engaging in conversations, attributing it to being an introvert. In fact, I even wrote an article about how I believed my social anxiety stemmed from introversion (which is not true) and how I overcame it.

If you've had a similar experience, I highly recommend checking it out. Since I embarked on my journey of abstaining from porn and video games, I've become much more proactive in seeking out meaningful connections. I genuinely look forward to spending time with friends and family, engaging in conversations, and simply enjoying each other's company.

The true value of these connections lies in the opportunities for introspection, healing, and self-improvement they provide.

By exposing ourselves to different perspectives and experiences, our minds expand and our empathy grows. It doesn't mean we have to adopt everyone's thinking, but we gain a deeper understanding of why people think the way they do, which enhances our perspective and empathy.

Bedroom Benefits

white bed linen on bed
white bed linen on bed

19. Your wife can't get enough of you

As you adopt new exercise habits, you'll notice positive changes in your physique, becoming leaner and stronger. These improvements also extend to the bedroom, where intimate moments become more satisfying.

Your increased involvement and heightened appreciation for your partner's body lead to enhanced sensitivity (no more deathgrip) and a more intense experience. It's a mind-blowing transformation that can make you truly irresistible to your partner.

20. Better erections that are harder and last longer

Hell yeah and my wife can confirm this firsthand.

During intercourse, there is a noticeable difference in sensation and I believe it's a result of increased sensitivity. This heightened sensitivity leads to a more intense and fulfilling experience, making it feel thicker and better simulated.

It's truly remarkable how positive changes in one aspect of life can have such a significant impact on intimate moments.

21. Erectile Dysfunction gone

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition characterized by the inability to sustain an erection during sexual activity. Although I haven't personally experienced ED, I did face challenges in maintaining my erection during the peak of my excessive pornography use. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED).

In the past, I found myself relying on explicit scenes from pornography to stimulate and maintain my arousal. This dependency on artificial stimuli had a detrimental effect on my ability to engage in natural sexual interactions. However, through my journey of quitting pornography and embracing healthier habits, I have noticed significant improvements.

Today, I am grateful to say that I no longer struggle with maintaining an erection. It feels like a welcome transformation, as if a solid and reliable metal rod supports my sexual experiences. By breaking free from the grip of pornography and its influence on my sexual functioning, I have regained a sense of confidence and connection during intimate moments.

It's important to note that everyone's experience with PIED may vary, and seeking professional guidance from a healthcare provider can be beneficial for those facing persistent erectile difficulties.

Nonetheless, I wanted to share my personal progress and highlight that overcoming the detrimental effects of excessive pornography consumption can lead to positive changes in sexual well-being.

22. Increased libido

I haven't consciously noticed a significant change in my sexual energy since embarking on this journey.

Firstly, it's important to distinguish between cravings for PMO and a high libido, as the former is more closely associated with addiction rather than natural desire.

Secondly, I have been redirecting much of my energy towards personal growth and dedicating myself to various endeavors, including this website. As a result, it's unclear whether my sexual energy has been affected or perhaps transformed into creative energy. I don't possess enough knowledge or evidence to make any definitive claims in this regard.

Plus my wife is usually exhausted from work and by the time the children are asleep, she is already in Lala Land ^_^.

Then having children occasionally blue cocking us doesn’t make it optimal for sex life.

However, I want to emphasize that this doesn't cause any distress or dissatisfaction in our relationship. We understand and support each other through various phases and circumstances, maintaining a healthy and loving connection.

23. Orgasms with your significant other are more enjoyable

Experiencing an orgasm after a period of abstinence can be an incredibly exhilarating and fulfilling experience.

The intensity and pleasure are heightened, creating a truly mind-blowing sensation.

What makes it even more amazing is the empowerment your partner will feel knowing that they are the source of all your orgasms.

Unlike when watching pornography, your orgasms come from watching others in action, your partner becomes the center of your desire and satisfaction.

This realization strengthens the bond between you and your partner, fostering a sense of trust, intimacy, and mutual fulfillment. It is a powerful reminder that real, genuine connections and experiences far surpass the artificial stimulation of pornography.

Energy And Time Benefits

silhouette photography of person
silhouette photography of person

24. A lot more time and energy for self-development

Quitting porn has granted me an additional hour each day, and countless more hours as a byproduct of overcoming my addiction to video gaming influenced by porn.

My personal experience has revealed that porn had severely disrupted my dopamine system, leaving me reliant on other high-dopamine activities to maintain interest. This is where video gaming entered the picture, providing an effortless surge of dopamine.

However, when I decided to abstain from porn, I noticed a remarkable decline in my desire to play video games altogether.

Energy levels are also significantly affected by porn consumption. Low energy can be attributed to several factors, such as constant dopamine depletion, heightened dopamine tolerance (resulting in a lack of motivation for challenging tasks), the release of prolactin and oxytocin from regular masturbation, insufficient quantity and quality of sleep, inadequate exercise and exposure to sunlight (often associated with isolation and addiction), and poor eating habits.

All these factors can be interconnected with porn addiction, which is closely linked to video game addiction as well. By eliminating porn from my life and addressing the accompanying video game addiction, I have noticed a substantial increase in my overall energy levels.

This newfound energy has allowed me to focus on more meaningful pursuits, particularly self-improvement endeavors. With enhanced motivation and vitality, I am empowered to engage in activities that truly matter and contribute to my personal growth.

25. More time for fun

More energy + more time = more fun time.

With the combination of increased energy and the extra time I have reclaimed from eliminating certain habits, I find myself indulging in more activities that bring me joy and fulfillment. This includes dedicating quality time to my family, engaging in meaningful conversations, and creating lasting memories together.

Additionally, I have rediscovered my passion for playing the piano and now have the opportunity to devote more time to honing my musical skills. The surplus of energy and time has opened up a realm of possibilities for me to pursue activities that truly resonate with my interests and values.

By prioritizing what I love, I am able to cultivate a greater sense of enjoyment and satisfaction in my daily life.

26. You start to be punctual

No longer being held back by PMO sessions, I now consistently arrive on time for every meeting. I show up feeling refreshed rather than worn out, motivated instead of disoriented, and confident instead of embarrassed.

It used to feel uncomfortable going into a meeting knowing I had engaged in PMO beforehand, as if I had something to hide.

I would wonder if there was a lingering smell or if my behavior seemed off. However, since quitting PMO, I feel a sense of cleanliness and freedom from those concerns. I can fully focus on the tasks at hand without any distractions or lingering guilt.

27. Twice the amount of energy compared to before

I have a similar experience as well. However, it's important to note that my positive transformation isn't solely attributed to NoFap.

It's the outcome of a holistic approach that encompasses various factors such as improving my sleep patterns, engaging in regular exercise, managing dopamine levels, and adopting a healthier diet.

Simply practicing NoFap alone wouldn't have yielded such a significant and profound change.

Emotional Benefits

orange and white plastic egg toy
orange and white plastic egg toy

28. Less lonely as you start connecting to others

By embarking on my NoFap journey, I have discovered a remarkable reduction in feelings of loneliness as I actively engage with others.

Previously, I confined myself to isolation, deriving my self-worth solely from my role as a house husband. However, since embracing NoFap, I have experienced a profound transformation. I now find great joy and personal growth in connecting with friends and loved ones.

The act of forging genuine connections has brought about a level of fulfillment that far surpasses the solitude I once sought.

Not only have I benefited from this change, but my wife and children have also experienced a more enriching life. We now engage in activities outside the home more frequently, fostering stronger bonds and cherished memories. Rather than constantly seeking alone time for video games or PMO, I prioritize quality interactions that uplift and nourish our relationships.

Through this newfound connectivity, I have come to realize that true happiness lies in genuine connections with others, and I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life and the lives of my loved ones.

29. Able to feel a larger range of emotions, both positive and negative

Oh yeah. Particularly, I have come to acknowledge and embrace the presence of negative emotions, learning to effectively navigate and delve into them with introspection and understanding.

30. Realize that you don't need pixels to make you feel happy

Finding joy in the realization that one's happiness is not dependent on pixels is a profound shift. It signifies a transition from the virtual realm to the authentic experiences of life.

True fulfillment lies in cultivating meaningful relationships and connections, which are the genuine sources of happiness for individuals.

31. Emotionally stronger

I have developed emotional resilience and become stronger in dealing with my own emotions and supporting others. I now have the ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space for my loved ones when they share their struggles with me.

By letting go of my own personal demons, I can be fully present and attentive, allowing others to feel comfortable opening up to me. This shift has deepened my connections and increased the level of trust in my relationships.

32. Faith in yourself increases

The realization that I can successfully navigate such a significant challenge instills a deep sense of confidence in my ability to confront and overcome other obstacles in life.

It serves as a powerful reminder that if I possess the strength and determination to conquer this deeply ingrained habit, I am equally capable of tackling any other hurdles that come my way.

33. Feeling lighter on the soul, I am more like a newborn baby

I do feel lighter as I know I am doing something good for myself.

I am actively eliminating elements from my life that deviate from our inherent human nature. There is a profound imbalance that exists within video games and PMOs, as they divert us from engaging in real-life experiences and activities.

Instead of indulging in voyeurism and allowing life to pass by as mere spectators, we are meant to immerse ourselves in the world, seize opportunities, and create meaningful connections. Our natural inclination is to embrace the beauty of procreation and the wonders of genuine human interaction, rather than isolating ourselves and indulging in self-destructive behaviors.

By recognizing and rejecting these anti-human tendencies, I am reclaiming my authentic essence and aligning myself with a more fulfilling and purposeful existence.

34. Feeling you can overcome any obstacle

Quitting porn demands significant effort and substantial lifestyle changes. It not only grants a renewed sense of confidence upon successful completion but also carries a profound impact if one relapses.

It is crucial to discover your personal motivation for quitting porn and recognize that it is a lifelong journey rather than a finite goal. While a relapse can be disheartening, it does not signify the end of the world or negate the progress made.

Remember, NoFap is not a destination to reach; rather, it is a continuous process of growth and self-improvement.

35. Learn how to deal with bad emotions

Instead of using adult materials as a way to avoid my problems and temporarily numb myself, I have learned the importance of facing those challenges head-on.

Instead of seeking temporary relief, I now strive to understand and eventually overcome the isses that were holding me back. By confronting my problems directly, I can actively work towards finding solutions and making positive changes in my life.

This shift in mindset has allowed me to grow and develop in ways that I couldn't have achieved by simply medicating with adult materials.

36. Less worried

I still have worries in life, but I find myself feeling less angsty about myself because I know I have invested my time and effort into meaningful pursuits instead of indulging in porn and video games.

I have put in the work necessary to improve and grow, and now I understand that the rest is a combination of building momentum and embracing the opportunities that come my way. While there are still uncertainties and elements of luck involved, I have gained a sense of confidence and peace knowing that I am actively shaping my own path through dedication and hard work.

37. More smiles in real life

Due to the reduction in frequent dopamine spikes, I have noticed a significant change in the way I experience happiness in my daily life.

Simple pleasures that I used to overlook or take for granted have now become more meaningful and enjoyable. For instance, watching a beautiful sunset, spending quality time with my kids, accomplishing my tasks with a sense of fulfillment and witnessing the joy of others, especially the girls in my life, brings me a genuine sense of joy and contentment.

By distancing myself from the constant stimulation of artificial rewards, I have become more attuned to the subtle moments of happiness that surround me. It's as if my perspective has shifted, allowing me to appreciate and savor the small joys that life has to offer.

With life feeling richer, I find myself embracing each moment with a genuine smile, cherishing the present and all the blessings it holds.

38. By refraining from using pornography as a means to suppress difficult emotions, I have opened myself up to re-experiencing the positive emotions of joy, happiness, and laughter

Previously, I often found myself experiencing a lack of emotional expression, often feeling disconnected or harboring a constant state of anger.

However, since embarking on this journey of personal growth, I have noticed significant changes in how I handle and process my emotions. I have become more attuned to my feelings and have started to develop healthier ways of dealing with them.

It's as if I'm rediscovering the basics of emotional understanding, much like an elementary school child learning to navigate and express their emotions. By allowing myself to truly experience and address my emotions, I have started to break free from the cycle of emotional suppression.

This newfound awareness has brought about a greater sense of emotional balance and a more authentic connection with myself and those around me. While I am still learning and growing in this aspect, I am grateful for the progress I have made and the positive impact it has had on my overall well-being.

39. You are less annoyed with things that were unbearable before

Through my journey of quitting porn and video gaming, I have developed a greater sense of empathy and patience towards things that used to annoy me. I've come to understand that people's addictions and tendencies to avoid problems are often reflections of my own struggles and shortcomings.

It's true what they say, that what we dislike in others often mirrors traits we dislike in ourselves.

This realization has prompted a lot of self-reflection and acceptance of my own brand of addiction. It has humbled me and allowed me to approach others with a deeper level of understanding and compassion.


40. Creates motivation to overcome other addictions and unhealthy habits

Quitting pornography has not only given me the motivation to overcome specific addictions (video gaming) but has also empowered me to tackle other unhealthy habits in my life.

Building upon the momentum and success I achieved, I have taken steps to quit habits like nose picking and reading fanfiction. By leveraging my prior achievements and experiences, I find it easier to confront and conquer other detrimental behaviors.

41. Feeling free and being able to control any craving you have

I am still handling cravings regularly but they are getting more manageable the longer I am in abstinence. They are no longer overwhelming.

One of the greatest benefits from quitting porn is that you are able to handle other kinds of cravings more easily.

Numerous individuals within the nofap community have shared their struggles with quitting porn, even in comparison to overcoming other addictive behaviors like drugs and gambling.

This indicates that abstaining from adult materials might be one of the most formidable challenges one can face. However, triumphing over this particular addiction can have a profound impact on one's confidence and resilience, instilling the belief that they possess the strength and determination to conquer any form of addiction that they may encounter in the future.

The experience of overcoming such a formidable obstacle serves as a powerful foundation for building the necessary skills and mindset to confront and overcome other addictive tendencies.

A personal example was during my PMO days, I often had strong cravings to eat fast food such as Mcdonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken. I had it almost once week, sometimes twice. A month after I started NoFap, while I still craved for fast food, I found not needing to act on them. In fact, when I had a Mcdonald's family meal with the girls around 2 weeks ago, I found the experience highly unsatisfying and was actually disgusted by the food.

There is something really inherently wrong with Mcdonald's food.

42. Start new empowering habits

I have embarked on a transformative journey of cultivating empowering habits, letting go of old patterns that no longer serve me. I recognized the need for positive changes and took decisive actions.

Two habits that have become integral to my daily routine are exercise and meditation. These practices provide me with physical and mental well-being, replacing the previous habits of excessive video gaming and indulgence in pornography.

Moreover, I have consciously chosen to invest my newfound time and energy into activities that nurture my creativity and personal development.

Writing has become a therapeutic outlet, allowing me to express myself authentically. Practicing the piano has become a fulfilling passion that brings joy and fulfillment into my life.

Instead of isolating myself at home on Saturdays, which was previously a time for unhealthy behaviors, I now make a conscious effort to connect with friends or extended family members. These weekends have transformed into opportunities for meaningful interactions and building stronger relationships.

To further enhance my personal growth, I have replaced the consumption of fanfiction and mindless social media browsing with more enriching content. I now immerse myself in educational and inspiring podcasts such as 'Diary of A CEO,' 'The Tim Ferriss Show,' and 'The Huberman Lab'.

Additionally, I have developed a habit of reading books that expand my knowledge and perspective. By embracing these empowering habits and intentionally redirecting my time and focus, I have created a more fulfilling and purposeful life, one that allows me to continuously learn, grow, and connect with others on a deeper level.

43. Try new hobbies or restart old ones

With the extra time you gain from abstaining from certain activities, such as watching adult materials, there is a great opportunity to explore and cultivate new hobbies.

Engaging in a hobby you have always desired can be incredibly fulfilling. In my case, I have chosen to learn piano.

By dedicating time to this new hobby, I not only keep myself occupied but also derive immense joy and satisfaction from the process of mastering a musical instrument. It's remarkable how investing time in something you truly enjoy can enrich your life.

Mental/Mind Benefits

brown wooden blocks on white surface
brown wooden blocks on white surface

44. Able to articulate better

By engaging in extensive self-reflection, I have honed my ability to articulate my thoughts and experiences more effectively. This increased self-awareness has allowed me to delve into my personal narrative with greater clarity and coherence.

As a result, I am now better equipped to express myself and communicate my ideas to others in a more articulate manner.

45. Become more conscious

Through consistent practices such as meditation, journaling, and writing on this platform, I have developed a heightened sense of consciousness.

I am now more attuned to my thoughts and have a greater awareness of my inner world.

These mindfulness practices have contributed to my ability to observe and understand my thoughts in a more conscious and intentional manner. The increased self-awareness has empowered me to navigate my thoughts and actions with greater clarity and purpose.

46. Better quality of thoughts

Previously, I used to daydream excessively about various scenarios like indulging in sexual fantasies, longing for a time machine to alter my past and amass immense wealth, or envisioning myself as the protagonist in animated series or comics, surrounded by countless women.

However, since embarking on this journey, I've noticed a significant decrease in such unproductive daydreaming. I now prioritize living in the present moment and channel my energy towards accomplishing tasks and goals that matter to me right now.

47. Concentrate and focus better

Since embarking on my NoFap journey, I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to concentrate and focus. Engaging in activities such as reading, writing, and playing the piano, which used to be challenging for me, has now become more effortless and enjoyable.

While I acknowledge that NoFap is not the sole factor contributing to this change, I attribute a portion of it to the regulation of dopamine rushes.

By abstaining from porn and other addictive behaviors, I have gained better control over my dopamine levels, allowing me to sustain my attention and engagement for extended periods. This newfound ability to concentrate has enhanced my overall productivity and enriched my experiences in various areas of my life.

48. Gain the ability to confront underlying issues and difficulties in a positive and constructive way, instead of relying on temporary fixes or avoiding them altogether

Through this journey, I have come to realize that pornography and video gaming were not the root issues themselves, but rather the ways in which I used them as temporary solutions or avoidance tactics.

This realization has brought me valuable clarity, allowing me to take responsibility for my actions and seek alternative strategies for coping with difficulties. Instead of placing sole blame on adult materials or video games, I have learned to explore deeper into the reasons behind my reliance on them.

By doing so, I am now equipped with a greater understanding of myself and the underlying issues I need to address.

This shift in perspective has empowered me to seek long-term solutions and embrace healthier coping mechanisms, ultimately leading to personal growth and a more fulfilling life.

49. End of PMO side effects

Brain fog, laziness after a PMO session, guilt of knowing you can do better with your time, unhealthy subliminal messages that are changing your perception every time you watch porn, etc.

50. Achieving freedom from the grip of compulsion

Although occasional urges still arise, I have developed the strength and resilience to overcome them, refusing to succumb to my previous patterns of resorting to pornography as a means of dealing with stress and boredom.

The present version of myself feels more empowered to consciously select my responses to different situations and accept the outcomes that follow.

51. Imagination exaltate!

Not sure about imagination exploding. But it is true that I am able to focus better, less brain fog and am able to grasp concepts easier.

I am also able to come up with topics easily to write for this blog.

52. To be able to read books again

Regaining the ability to immerse myself in books has been a significant milestone for me as it signifies the restoration of my attention span, no longer plagued by a short-lived focus.

Now, I can delightfully indulge in the pages of a physical book once more, savoring the experience of reading without distraction.

53. You became more educated by it

In my journey to quit porn, I have gained a wealth of knowledge about how our brains function and the intricacies of addiction.

Your Brain on Porn is especially educational. Thumbs up to the creator.

I've delved into the fascinating world of understanding habits, exploring the factors that influence our moods and dopamine levels, and discovering effective strategies for creating new, healthier habits.

Surprisingly, the amount of effort I've put into learning during this process has far surpassed my previous experiences as a student.

It's been a transformative educational journey that has not only empowered me to overcome porn addiction but has also provided me with valuable insights into human behavior and personal growth.

Perception Upgrades

a spoon sitting on top of a white cloth
a spoon sitting on top of a white cloth

54. After stopping PMO, I no longer obsess about penis size

I do not know if this is from a male or female or gay perspective, so I will just write from my perspective.

I vividly recall the days when I used to feel excessively self-conscious in public pool toilets, meticulously covering myself and avoiding urinal cubicles. It wasn't about modesty, but rather a deep-seated fear of others noticing my perceived smaller size.

I felt intense shame and believed that other males would mock me for it.

This distorted perception was fueled by the portrayal of well-endowed men in pornography, where it seemed that size was the ultimate determinant of success with women.

However, my perspective began to shift when I entered a loving relationship with my wife, who consistently praised and appreciated our intimate moments together. Over time, I realized that true masculinity isn't defined by the size of one's penis.

If you don’t have a partner or one that appreciates your size, quitting PMO will help you recalibrate the idea that what makes a man “man” is the size of their penises. Once you stop comparing your size with the size of the ones on adult shows and do some research, you will realize that size doesn’t matter in the realm of sexual performance.

Yes there are women who prefer larger ones, but for many, bigger doesn't necessarily equate to better. In fact, it can even cause discomfort or pain during sexual experiences.

I had an army friend who told me that he could only find partners who had given birth as his penis was too large.

Also the average size is often smaller than what is commonly portrayed, with statistics showing an average erect size of 13.58 cm for Americans and 11.53 cm for Singaporeans. So let go of your perceived limitation and embrace the understanding that size truly doesn't matter when it comes to sexual fulfillment and performance.

55. Being present in the moment, not thinking about ass all the time

I am more of a breast person. Just kidding, I know what they are trying to say.

While I don’t think of banging something all day, I can relate to the concept of being fully present and not allowing my thoughts to be consumed by sexual fantasies.

Previously, I struggled with maintaining focus and avoiding constant distractions. My mind would frequently wander, seeking out captivating or alluring stimuli to divert my attention from the present moment.

Now I am able to work longer, read books and put more time in learning piano.

56. Comfortable in one's own skin

Getting there. Still have plenty of self-esteem issues. It’s a WIP.

57. Enjoying life rather than watching paid people pretending to enjoy life

I have discovered the true essence of enjoying life firsthand instead of passively observing others.

By actively participating in meaningful experiences, I have come to appreciate the joy and fulfillment that comes with living life on my own terms. It's not just about sexual experiences; it encompasses a broader perspective.

Furthermore, I have developed a genuine desire to invest in the happiness of my loved ones, finding gratification in witnessing their joy. It's crucial to recognize that relying solely on different forms of media indulgence can still keep us trapped in a vicarious existence.

The key lies in embracing genuine experiences and creating our own unique path.

58. Feeling special. After all, everybody jerks off. But not me. Thanks God for that!

Hmm, this is a bit too narcissistic for my taste.

A common problem with the nofapper community, the I am holier than thou notion.

It's important to avoid falling into the trap of superiority or self-righteousness. Each person possesses their own strengths and talents, and abstaining from adult materials does not inherently make us superior to others.

I recognize that success in life can take various forms, and there are individuals who have achieved great accomplishments despite still watching porn. The critical factor lies in how we confront and address our personal challenges, including whether we resort to adult materials as a means of escapism.

It is by focusing on personal growth and finding healthier ways to deal with our problems that we can truly strive for a more fulfilling and balanced life.

59. Girls in real life are much more attractive than watching on your screen

You begin to develop a genuine appreciation for natural beauty, shifting your focus away from exaggerated body parts.

Realizing that true attractiveness goes beyond physical features, you start to notice and value the unique quirks and characteristics that make individuals truly captivating in real life.

These authentic qualities and personal kinks add depth and intrigue, which cannot be experienced through the artificial portrayal found on screens.

60. Helps you stop viewing human bodies as commodities to be consumed, traded, shared, collected, and stored

I have no idea what the author is trying to emphasize. It brings the scene of humans kept as blood cattles from Blade II which is pretty morbid.

Update 2/7/2023:

My wife shared her view on this point. She thought it may refer to those people who open telegram accounts to share pictures they have taken on girls wearing very short and revealing clothes without their consent and charged for it.

Then as I went on to do research, I do find articles on slavery and also selling of body parts. It was really morbid.

61. Helps you to be less of a perfectionist and not beat yourself up all the time

I believe the perspective and motive behind NoFap can greatly influence your experience.

Speaking from personal experience, during my initial attempt, I fell into the trap of feeling superior to others, adopting an "I am holier than thou" attitude. It became the foundation of my identity, and I held myself to an unrealistic standard of perfection.

This mindset led me to become judgmental and unkind towards others, expecting them to adhere to the same principles. However, this time around, I approach quitting porn as a self-help journey.

My primary goal is to eliminate its negative effects on my brain and overall energy. To achieve this, I actively seek out ways to keep myself engaged and occupied, focusing on personal growth and trying new experiences. Consequently, I've noticed a significant reduction in procrastination and a newfound desire to accomplish tasks and explore different avenues.

By shifting my perspective to view NoFap as a means of self-improvement rather than a platform for superiority, I've cultivated a healthier mindset and approach. It's important to remember that everyone's journey is unique, and the key lies in finding a motive that aligns with your personal goals and fosters positive growth.

62. Learning to enjoy hard work again

It's fascinating to learn how our brains are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. However, through this journey, I've come to realize the importance of rewiring ourselves to find joy in the process, even when it involves discomfort or challenges.

This newfound understanding extends beyond just overcoming porn addiction and helps me navigate other areas of life, making more informed and rational choices.

63. Men in real life are much more attractive than watching on your screen

Sister to point 59 but totally not applicable to me.

64. Wakes up to all the shit one was pretending not to see

For a significant portion of my life, I used the virtual world as an escape from my problems, but in doing so, I ended up creating more issues for myself.

I had no notable achievements to my name, limited relationships, stagnant career growth, deteriorating eyesight, and a lack of marketable skills. However, when I made the decision to stop avoiding my problems by immersing myself in the virtual world, I finally confronted the challenges I needed to overcome.

I took full responsibility for my actions up until that point and found the courage to make new, more empowering decisions. By facing my problems head-on, I began the process of addressing and resolving them, paving the way for personal growth and a more fulfilling life.

65. You begin to live instead of being dead while alive

For many years, I immersed myself in a virtual existence, disconnected from the real world.

Despite this, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found an extraordinary wife and become a parent to two beautiful children. Without her love and support, I might have remained trapped in a life of isolation or ended up a hikikomori.

However, by removing pornography and reducing my video gaming habits, I have undergone a profound transformation. I have awakened to the joys and challenges of real life, embracing my humanity and all its possibilities. No longer do I waste my precious time lost in virtual realms. I am fully present, cherishing every moment and embracing the experiences that make me truly alive.

Physical Benefits

man in red tank top sitting on chair
man in red tank top sitting on chair

66. Back pain goes away as you're not sitting up in bed for hours

I don’t PMO in bed for hours, so I am unable to attest to it.

67. Because your body doesn't have to use sugars and energy on ejaculation, you become more energized - \\

While I do experience increased vitality, I find it unlikely that it is solely attributed to the release of sugars and energy during ejaculation.

Instead, I believe the surge in energy is primarily influenced by the release of dopamine and oxytocin. The notion of it being solely sugar-related and energy released during ejaculation seems reminiscent of pseudoscience.

68. Sleep better at night

Although I still encounter occasional nights where I feel too hyped to fall asleep immediately, I must admit that overall, my sleep quality has improved.

While there may be instances when restlessness persists, I find solace in the fact that I go to bed with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I have made positive choices throughout the day instead of succumbing to the urge of PMOing.

69. Better dominant body language

Not sure what this means.

70. Improved memory

I do find myself remembering a bit better. Not that significant though.

71. Cheese tastes better


72. Deeper voice. Really, I had a voice like a young girl, and now I have a voice like a f*cking alpha

I think the person who wrote this was either having a sore throat or just being illusional.

You can train the tone of your voice through voice lessons but you won’t suddenly have a lower voice just because you don’t bust your nuts.

The claim of increased testosterone levels as a result of abstaining from porn is also debatable. While short-term increases in testosterone have been observed, the long-term effects are uncertain and can vary among individuals. It's important to rely on scientific evidence rather than anecdotal experiences or assumptions.

Secondly, look at Kim Jong Kook. Does he look like he is short of testosterone? But he is frequently teased by his cast members of Running Men for singing like a mosquito. What’s with the obsession of a deeper voice anyway?

73. Dreams appear more vivid

Don’t find it true.

74. Less acne

Huh? On what statistics?

As a matter of fact, I am currently having some pimples on my face due to late nights over the past few days. If there is any truth to it, it's likely due to better sleeping hours.

Not staying up all night to fap does wonders for your health.

75. Increased testosterone. Women will pick up on that and want you

I think the NoFap community should avoid making claims that aren't supported by science.

Making pseudoscientific claims only serves to undermine the credibility of the movement and can lead to unnecessary disappointment. Not fapping may have some temporary effects on testosterone levels, but it doesn't lead to a long-term increase.

Masturbation itself doesn't decrease testosterone either.

If you want to boost testosterone, focusing on pumping the iron and a healthy diet is a better approach. Also the point that women will want you just because you have high testosterone is utterly ridiculous.

Attraction is more than just physical appearance.

Women look for emotional connection and compatibility in relationships. It's common to see attractive women with partners who may not be conventionally good-looking because other factors matter more.

In short, let's rely on scientific evidence and recognize that genuine connections and emotional compatibility are essential in relationships, rather than relying solely on testosterone levels or physical appearance.

76. Muscles grow and stay maintained (if you exercise)

Just no fapping does not result in physical changes such as gaining muscle mass.

Physical appearance and fitness are influenced by various factors, including genetics, diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle choices. While quitting porn can have positive effects on mental and emotional well-being, it may not directly translate into physical transformations.

It is true that individuals can engage in excessive porn consumption while also pursuing other aspects of their lives, such as fitness and bodybuilding.

Porn addiction is a separate issue that can affect people from different walks of life, regardless of their physical appearance or level of muscularity.

77. Push-ups become easier without your body shaking

Same thing with becoming more muscular or having a different voice tone, you need to do push-ups to make push-ups easier, not NoFap.

78. Sense of smell is more keen

This person must have awakened their x-genes.

79. Thicker and whiter fingernails

Seriously? I didn’t notice that my fingernails getting thicker nor whiter.

80. Thicker beard (mental beard and the real one)

What is a mental beard anyway? Plus, I don’t find myself becoming Wolverine after 2 months of abstinence.

81. You don't wake up exhausted with physical discomfort

I recall experiencing physical discomfort and issues due to excessive masturbation in the past. It was not uncommon for me to wake up with abrasions or irritations on my genitals, which I now understand were a result of overstimulation.

Additionally, I noticed an increase in pimples on my tool, likely caused by the transfer of bacteria from my hands during these activities.

Moreover, before I had started using my smartphone in the toilet, I used to stay up late, ensuring that everyone was asleep before engaging in PMO.

However, since making the decision to quit PMO, particularly for individuals dealing with serious addiction, I have experienced notable improvements in my overall sleep quality and physical well-being.

82. Your balls grow in size a bit

Anecdotal. Our testicles do not produce semen; their main function is to generate sperm cells and produce testosterone.

Semen, on the other hand, is produced by the prostate and seminal vesicle, which are located near the bladder, not in the testicles. It is also important to note that when semen is not ejaculated, it is typically reabsorbed by the body.

The process is known as sperm reabsorption.

Semen is composed of sperm cells, along with other fluids and substances, such as enzymes and proteins. If the semen is not ejaculated through sexual activity or nocturnal emissions (commonly referred to as "wet dreams"), the body eventually breaks down and reabsorbs the sperm cells.

Therefore, it is not accurate to say that the testicles will grow as a result of semen production or holding too much semen.

83. No more painful urination at times

Excessive ejaculation can potentially have negative effects on the health of our urethra. I recall experiencing a burning sensation during the times when I engaged in frequent PMO. While the discomfort would eventually subside, it occurred with alarming frequency.

However, since embarking on my two-month period of abstinence, I am relieved to say that I have not encountered any such episodes. It is a testament to the restorative impact that abstaining from excessive ejaculation can have on the well-being of our urethra.

Physical Environment / Day To Day Benefits

blue and brown desk globe
blue and brown desk globe

84. No need to take an extra shower to wash off the smell

Thus saving water. Haha those who did this, understand. No explanation needed.

85. Fewer viruses or other questionable programs on your computer

I remembered regularly reformatting my computer because of malware and unremovable applications which made my computer slower day by day.

By steering clear of illegal websites and avoiding explicit content, you significantly minimize the likelihood of encountering malicious software or falling victim to hacking attempts.

It's a positive outcome that enhances both your online security and overall digital well-being.

86. Less laundry

Underwear filled with leaked cum does smell. I often have to hand wash it first to avoid embarrassing questions later.

87. Less reason to fear somebody discovering the contents of your computer

It's absolutely true.

Since quitting porn, I no longer worry about my wife or children using my computer.

I recalled the stress I used to feel in my younger days when my brother would use my computer for various purposes. I was always on edge, concerned that he might stumble upon my hidden files or discover something that would tarnish my reputation as the responsible older brother.

I also vividly remember the times when I felt the need to clear my browser history before handing my smartphone to my wife. It seemed as though I had something to hide, and while she thankfully didn't assume the worst, it created a sense of unease in our relationship.

I am grateful that by quitting porn, I am fostering a more open and transparent connection with my loved ones, where honesty and trust thrive. It's important for couples to share their lives without the need for secrecy, and leaving behind the habit of hiding things has brought us closer together.

88. No cleanup after a PMO session

Yeah, no need to use tissue paper. No washing. No cleaning up of accidental spills.

89. Not having the doubt of your family wondering if you're fapping inside the bathroom

It's only when I stopped fapping that I realized she regularly wondered whether I was fapping or not. Your partners knew but decided not to say for our dignity. You think they don't know but they do.

90. Not having to lie about why you were in the bathroom for 40 mins

Now I stay in the bathroom for a maximum of 5 minutes. No explanation needed.

91. Spend less money on toilet tissue

Also, less money on powder (in my case) and water to wash the powder off the floor.

92. Use less tissue which is good for the planet as it saves trees

During the period when I was deeply immersed in adult material, I noticed that rolls of toilet paper just inexplicably vanish quickly. This was primarily due to the need to use excessive amounts of tissue to prevent any mess during ejaculation.

Don’t forget about the additional water required to flush away the tissues, as well as the potential risk of clogging the toilet bowl, which can lead to additional cleaning and maintenance efforts.

Quitting porn is totally pro-Earth haha.

93. Spend less time on the computer, saving electricity and thus reducing carbon footprint

Although I still dedicate a significant amount of time to writing articles like this, I have made a conscious decision to limit my computer usage solely to productive activities.

As a result, I have noticed a significant increase in my engagement with offline pursuits. I now make it a priority to go out, meet people, spend quality time with my children, learn to play the piano, and do more household chores. In essence, I am truly living life to the fullest.

Additionally, this change in behavior not only contributes to a more fulfilling existence but also has a positive environmental impact. While it may not make a significant dent, every small step towards reducing power consumption is a contribution towards a more sustainable Earth.

94. You are no longer just a statistic

By breaking free from being merely a consumer in the adult industry, you liberate yourself from the confines of isolation. No longer will you remain an invisible figure, hiding behind screens and avoiding social interactions.

In the past, friends, relatives, and acquaintances may have slowly forgotten about you, as you chose to distance yourself from social events. You became just another statistic among those who spent their time on adult websites or immersed in video games.

However, by overcoming these habits, you reclaim your humanity. You reemerge as an active participant in life, reconnecting with others, and forging meaningful relationships.

You are no longer defined by anonymous consumption but by your presence and engagement in the real world.

Personal Growth

three pupas
three pupas

95. A deeper self-awareness and understanding

Through engaging in extensive introspection and journaling, I have discovered an unexpected outcome on my journey of quitting PMO.

Embracing practices such as meditation and self-reflection articles has allowed me to delve into the depths of my own being. Instead of placing blame, my intention has been to uncover the origins of certain habits, behaviors, and thought patterns.

This process has empowered me to recognize that I have the ability to choose different responses and create a new path for myself. It's through this newfound self-awareness that I am committed to making more conscious choices and shaping a different, more fulfilling life.

96. Increases self-confidence to stand by the tunes and face up reality

The day you decide to quit porn and face reality is a significant step towards personal growth. As you overcome the urges and utilize the extra time productively, you naturally develop a sense of self-confidence.

This newfound confidence is a positive outcome of your determination and the skills you acquire along the way. By choosing to prioritize your growth and well-being, you are paving the way for a more empowered and fulfilling life.

97. More controlled temper

I have noticed several positive changes in my life since adopting a NoFap lifestyle.

Firstly, I experience less brain fog, allowing me to think more clearly and focus on tasks at hand.

Additionally, I feel a decrease in general anxiety and a reduction in feelings of guilt. By abstaining from interrupted PMOs, I have gained a greater sense of control over my impulses, which has extended to managing my anger more effectively.

Furthermore, my adoption of intermittent fasting (IF) has also contributed to improved temper control, as I have learned to deal with hunger-induced irritability in a more balanced and effective manner. Overall, these changes have greatly enhanced my overall well-being and emotional stability.

98. Better career advancement

As you dedicate yourself to personal growth and enhance your ability to concentrate, the impact becomes evident in your work. The desire to quickly escape into the virtual world diminishes, as you discover the fulfillment of engaging with real-world tasks and forging meaningful connections.

Research indicates that individuals in recovery experience an improved quality of life and achieve significant milestones. By embracing the opportunities and challenges of the real world, you open yourself up to a more rewarding and purposeful existence.

99. Improved self-discipline

Every day, I dedicate myself to a range of empowering activities.

I engage in regular exercise, which strengthens my body and invigorates my mind. Through meditation, I cultivate inner peace and clarity. Writing has become a therapeutic outlet for self-expression and reflection.

Most importantly, I consistently stay mindful of avoiding porn, redirecting my thoughts towards more positive and fulfilling endeavors.

In parallel, I have embraced a healthier eating regimen that nourishes my body and fuels my overall well-being.

My commitment to these practices has not gone unnoticed by my wife, who admiringly refers to me as a disciplined machine. She witnesses the positive impact these habits have on my physical, mental, and emotional state.

Through my daily actions, I strive to inspire others and exemplify the transformative power of self-discipline and self-care.

100. Overcoming porn addiction entails other major life-changing habits, creating a personal snowball effect

In my quest to quit porn, I have embraced numerous habits aimed at enhancing my energy, focus, and discipline.

These habits have harmoniously synergized to elevate the overall quality of my life. Each habit, from cultivating healthy routines to engaging in self-care practices, has contributed to a profound transformation that extends beyond overcoming addiction.

This holistic approach has brought about positive shifts in multiple areas, empowering me to lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.

101. Willpower increases

In my personal experience, I've come to view willpower as somewhat overrated.

While it can be helpful in pushing yourself to do things you may not initially want to do, it tends to diminish quickly throughout the day. Instead, I've found that focusing on building positive habits (as they require little to no willpower when established) is far more effective.

However, I do acknowledge that learning to resist instant gratification can actually strengthen your willpower, much like working out and training your muscles. It may take time and effort, and it can fatigue more easily, but the results are worth it in the long run.

Personal Values and Ethical Choices

102. Capable of maintaining direct eye contact with your mother and sister with a clear conscience

While I don't have a sister, I am fortunate to have daughters whom I deeply cherish.

Recognizing that you have freed yourself from relying on adult content that includes exploitative genres like school girls, daughters, daughter-in-laws, granddaughters, lolicons, and others, brings about a profound sense of clarity and peace of mind.

It's important to understand that even if you believe you won't develop an interest in such genres now, prolonged engagement with PMO can lead to an increase in your dopamine tolerance, making previous interests less satisfying over time (similar to drug addiction).

Gradually, you may find yourself drawn to darker genres that provide a sense of stimulation.

I am grateful that I can now regard the women in my life with a clear conscience, knowing that I have distanced myself from material that degrades their existence, objectifies their sexuality, and perpetuates misogyny.

103. You are not supporting the abuse of women and sex trafficking

I used to assume that most adult actresses were willing participants and compensated for their work.

After reading websites like Fight The New Drugs, I've come to realize that the truth behind the scenes may be much darker and more exploitative. Stories shared by individuals like Sarah Joe have shed light on the disturbing realities of the adult entertainment industry.

Knowing that by quitting porn, I am no longer contributing to the potential harm and exploitation of women, brings a sense of relief to my conscience. It aligns with my values and allows me to make a more ethical and responsible choice for myself and for others.

104. Able to look at others in the eyes

One of the noticeable changes I've experienced since quitting pornography is my ability to maintain eye contact with others. In the past, there was often a lingering sense of guilt or insecurity, causing me to avoid direct eye contact and wonder what others might be thinking about me.

Now, without the weight of a hidden habit, I feel a newfound sense of confidence and authenticity. There's a genuine transparency in my interactions, as I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. This shift in mindset has allowed me to engage more fully in conversations and establish a deeper connection with the people around me.

By no longer being preoccupied with thoughts of judgment or speculation, I can focus on truly listening and understanding others. Looking someone in the eye has become a sign of respect and openness, allowing for more meaningful and genuine connections to form.

The ability to maintain steady eye contact is just one small but significant aspect of the positive changes I've experienced on my journey of quitting pornography. It's a reminder of the liberation and self-assurance that comes from living in alignment with my values and being true to myself.


After two weeks of dedicated effort, I have finally completed this article, despite the chaos that has been present in my life during this time.

My sincere hope is that this article provides you with a clearer understanding of what to expect on your inspiring journey to quit porn.

While many of the benefits discussed are indeed real, it's important to acknowledge that some may be based on pseudoscience or merely anecdotal evidence. People have a tendency to believe what they want to believe and may go to great lengths to validate their beliefs.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous benefits associated with NoFap, but it's crucial to recognize that NoFap alone is unlikely to lead to a profound transformative experience.

True transformation emerges from a combination of adopting new empowering habits and making internal changes that contribute to personal growth.

Merely abstaining from masturbation won't automatically make you more desirable or guarantee success in life. As I have mentioned before, I personally know individuals who engage in masturbation and yet are highly successful and attractive to others.

These individuals possess qualities and accomplishments that they have diligently cultivated over time, setting priorities and taking action on what truly matters in their lives.

While I'm not suggesting their approach is the best or ideal, it has propelled them further ahead than individuals like me who have spent excessive amounts of time escaping reality in the virtual world, neglecting genuine problems.

Quitting porn marks the initial step towards reclaiming your life, particularly if you have developed an addiction to it or have been using it as a means of avoiding real-life challenges, preventing you from pursuing the life you truly desire.

It is equally important to avoid solely identifying yourself as a "nofapper," as this can foster an attitude of superiority that alienates others.

Placing too much emphasis on perfection (like getting an unbreakable streak) during your initial attempts can also be detrimental and potentially break your motivation.

Remember, quitting porn is a lifelong journey, and relapses are to be expected. What truly matters is your ability to rise again, reflect on your experiences, and continue pushing forward. Eventually, you will reach the destination you aspire to achieve.

Stay committed, stay resilient, and let this journey of self-discovery unfold at its own pace.